Humour or Humor

This blog entry is a compilation of what I experienced while exploring more about Humour or Humor. Before reading further let me tell you that this post ain’t humorous. To know more about the most basic thing we hear and experience, I decided to search. The best place I could go was Google; searching the solution of all problems. And where do the results point to. Yes you’ve guessed it right, Wikipedia. Wikipedia says, “Humour or humor is the ability of people, objects, situations or words to evoke feelings of amusement or happiness.” Well that is a very goos Humor Gundefinition. The ability of people that evokes feeling of amusement or happiness. But what kind of happiness. The happiness that comes from laughing at others. Embarrassment for some, happiness for many. Yeah, a few altruists in this world really care for others happiness. Now comes the next question in my mind. What is Sense of humor ? Before scrolling further, Wikipedia like a good teacher, is there answering my question.”A sense of humour is the ability to experience humour”. Ok thats fine. Now a few questions started popping up in my mind.Do we always find happiness and amusement? Are we always prepared to experience it? Is it good for all, good for some or many? Again on Wikipedia I scroll further to find a topic “Understanding Humour”. It says, “Humour can occur when we laugh at something that points out another’s errors, lack of intelligence or unfortunate circumstances, granting a sense of superiority”. “Granting a sense of superiority”, caught my attention and this made me think and go back to the original definition of humour, which says its gives happiness and amusement. If it grants a sense of superiority then it also gives a sense of inferiority to a few. The rule that says,”Nothing can be created nor destroyed”. So giving a sense of inferiority to some questions the basic definition of humour of giving happiness or amusement. Although I admit that my sense of humour is not very good, but I have a good sense of right and wrong that tells me to stop “humour” for happening at the expense of somebody. But still sometimes I restrain myself from doing so, fearing that I might be a victim, lonely like the somebody I am trying to stop. So in an effort to stop this lets be more positive and stop such “Humour” from taking place before it takes us.


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