GPS enabled phones are going to be the next big thing

About 8 years ago mobile phones were just used for calling. The technology grew rapidly and slowly we had the camera phones capturing the market. Their advent was followed by a continued reduction in the gadget prices. This paved way for the multimedia/music phones.The trend continues and multimedia phones are slowly going to be history although today their sales records are good. The era of GPS enabled phone has arrived. Before discussing further about this new phone lets see what it is. To answer your queries on GPS I’ve compiled a few FAQ’s on GPS phones from

What does GPS stand for?
The abbreviation GPS stands for “Global Positioning System”
GPSphone nokia6110
How does GPS work?
There are several satellites that orbit the globe. These satellites are constantly beaming down information to the earth. The GPS phone comes with a built in GPS receiver. The GPS receiver in the phone uses this information from a group of these satellites to determine the location of the phone on earth.

What is the difference between GPS and Navigation?
GPS tells us where we are at that particular point in time. Navigation uses GPS to tell us how to get from one place to another. Navigation gives us turn by turn voice guidance to help us get to where we want to go.

Summarizing the key points of a GPS phone

  • GPS and Navigation usage will use the battery, thereby reducing their standby time and talktime
  • Assisted GPS (A-GPS) is a method to improve the usability of GPS. It enables the phone to obtain the satellite fix faster and more reliably.
  • The usage of Navigation and GPS is free.
  • The only charge that one has to pay is for the small amount of data usage that happens on GPRS due to the A-GPS feature.
  • It does not work indoors. It requires a view of the sky in order to work.
  • Navigation also does not work indoors
  • A-GPS (Assisted GPS) feature requires GPRS. However, if one wants, this feature can be turned off by the user.

What can stop these phones from being the next big thing

  • Poor battery backup
  • Bugged up software
  • Phone hangups (unless the processing improves and the operating system of the phone)
  • Cost (The whole thing boils down to this four letter word and your budget)

Weighing all the factors I think GPS enabled phones are going to be the next big thing in the Gadget Arena.

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4 thoughts on “GPS enabled phones are going to be the next big thing

  1. I wonder if a GPS equipped phone is able to navigate without GPRS, i.e. with no internet?
    I think once you have the maps, using the GPS you do not need connecting to the GPRS.
    Is this correct?

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