Bacchanalian bard’s verses

Bacchanalian bard’s verses

Badinage of people goes on,

Baiting the silent water with stones of rage,

The thought of a baleful thorn has been the cause of all storm,

has me balked at entering the stage,

Badgering the bard with barefaced stare, crawling like a worm,

The path is barbed with the tone of an acerbate,

The question I still ask is why was I born,

Each attempt of mine is always bate,

Those bawdy remarks and banal thought is always on,

Considering me the bane of all good and hitting with hate,

This last peg would beatify em all, Badinage of people goes on.

I was just thinking about a person I know who has not been so successful in his career. He smokes more than a usual smoker and his day is not complete without drinks and he drinks like a thirsty man in a desert. Most of his friends liked him until a point when he was left behind. He got more addicted to these habits and finally people around him started looking at him with loath. This a stanza from the poem which is about what he is thinking. I am sure you’ll like it.


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