Pot Paper

Pot Paper

u zap away from all the luxury,

get into a couch of painful treasury,

this just the begining of the treachery,

Not living or lovin, just parroting the mass,

2 kilos more this year, hey that was too fast,

betraying the student’s trust in U, u did it again,

Just took out ur stass, and burried us in a paper of crap,

I thought I was fine till the percent was 99 alien,

and u were d victor in a war on false  faith,

when all rays of hope pointed towards 5th year,

a ray against hope points to the pot

where I dump this 7 on the 11th,

Its just baasi daal with thandi roti,

passing like sonia tying raakhi to modi,

as they quote – unquote the newspaper,

We hope to have some gain in the pot paper.

Sushant Kumar


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