A Fragile Heart…

A Fragile Heart…

The day I meet you, a zephyr of happiness
A perfect beginning, like the jewel in the crown,
The chirp of birds made a pleasant tune,
These seconds of joy like the spring bloom,
On a calm deep lake where the sorrow would drown,
Pulling curtains on the first act of madness.

Something in her mind did always stay,
Dazzling in the vivid colours of the evening sun,
Standing before me wind blew her hair.
Hypnotized by the innocence of her stare,
In midst of a cyclone, all my worries were on the run,
Wanting the clock to freeze, on that very day.

So came the light on the final act,
Perhaps was the only truth of the play,
The sky was dark and the rain did fall,
Isolated from our hearts, with the Satan’s drool,
The web of differences, I fell prey,
Only to break a fragile heart…



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