Belief: Nurturing Evil

Belief: Nurturing Evil

Hinduism is India’s most followed religion. I was born in a Hindu family and hence this is the religion that destiny chose for me. Although it hardly matters, religion has become more of a brand than just faiths or deities. I am not agnostic but every time I visit a temple this belief gets stronger.

A visit to the local temple on the 2nd October raised a few questions in my mind. A queue to see the deity raised a few questions in my mind that why were these people standing here, why were they queuing up to have a closer look at the deity and have an orange paint applied on their forehead by a person who is no different than them, just dressed differently. These questions kept popping in my mind as I was standing in the same queue. My turn came and I chanted the holy verses and closed my eyes, trying to divert my mind from what was going on. As I came near the pundit, he applied the orange paint on my forehead and pushed me in the side. The questions were still ringing in my mind. I gave a final look at the deities and moved out of the temple through a dark lane to my car. On my way back home, the thought kept hitting me.

An object of worship, which is clearly visible from a few meters away, could do wonders if you reached near it and touched it. The object is considered very powerful, but still a close proximity could do wonders. Is its healing power only transferred by contact or is there something else. The latter is true for sure, for if touching stone could heal you, it could heal the world too, and we would also have a replica made and touched whenever in a problem. This would have resulted in no problems at all, no terrorism, conflicts, poverty etc. There are so many that you can write an epic on them.

The touching of the stone is healing our morale and giving us the courage to face the problems we were shying away from. Some people say, it brings solace and peace, but I don’t think it is true as it would be hard to find peace in a place where it is even hard to breathe. It is also promoted because of the economics of the ‘business’. It can be from a small-scale business to a multimillion-dollar business. The money is the evil, which is a byproduct (inseparable) of the kind of worship we do leads to corruption and even killing of many people. India is run by people who use this soft unprotected side of an Indian (Protected by god) to make the conditions good for some, better for a few and worse for many people. These people are spreading a virus of epidemic proportions, which we unaware of. They spreading a virus far more dangerous than the one spread by the terrorist groups. The latter is just the visible consequence of the former. In the last decade the crime rates, suicide attempts and the people suffering from depression have increased. To combat the depression we go to god and in return we are further pulled down, making it a vicious circle. The only solution right now seems to be is to forget the tensions and just do your work and forget about the result, a solution that lord Krishna gave to Arjuna.

Sushant Kumar

2nd October 2007


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