NOT a very long time ago, an honest person, with his sheer determination brought India to a verge of complete independence. But the political leaders at that point of time spoiled the party, with their lust for power.
Almost 55 years later, another icon was born. It was the digital arena on which most of the youth hung on to. It was a social networking site, Orkut. It became such an important part of our lives that one of the youth channels made it as the contender for the youth icon of India. Like others, I too devoted a significant amount of time on it till I came across a disturbing trend, the ‘anti communities’.
My life moved swiftly as my social circle grew on orkut. One fine day, I decided to join a Mahatma
Gandhi community. I still don’t know why such a thought came, but it came like the unexpected rain. On searching for it, I found very few communities, all with a few members and low activity. On looking further, I came across an anti Gandhi community, with high activity and lots of members, most of them, proud Indians. It was like a Newton’s apple dropping on my head. I decided to join the community, to ask its members about such an approach and such harsh feelings. The reaction what I got was unexpected, but not like our monsoon.

Initially people were decent enough, to reply me back on the community, on my post. As the time ticked, I had a huge army of proud Indians, finding an opportunity to abuse me. On ignoring them, they registered back as new users, getting back to the same petty work. To get out of the mess, I abandoned the community and deleted all my posts. But I was still left with an unanswered question, ‘what did Mahatma Gandhi do, to win their hatred?’ I still kept reading the posts in the community, trying to get an answer to my question. Now things were getting clearer.What I learned was that shallow thinking and a negative approach were responsible for it.
I was still not convinced. I read a few books on Mahatma Gandhi written by foreign authors to get an unbiased opinion. Things became clearer as I read them. Moving out of the digital world into the real one, I again encountered many people with such mindsets. The virtual avatars had defeated the avatar of truth and honesty.
Our actions determine our future. The present is a reflection of that. We ourselves are responsible for things like corruption, caste reservations and similar things, which directly affect our lives. We have no right to blame the politicians for the mess created today, as the core problem is within us. We don’t know the difference between right and wrong and that is the reason some smart people treated us like slaves for more than 100 years.
The youth icon of today has given us a chance to be a part of movement, a movement of truth and peace, not a life of hatred. With our busy lives, the digital society is the best place for such a revolution. It is my appeal to the Indians and to the world that in times of terrorism, tsunami, earthquakes and hurricanes, where the second just lived could be the last one. Don’t live with hatred. Think deep and get over the ego issues because, ‘INDIA 2007 should be a free nation.’
Reconcile men with strength of God instead of divide them by strength of man.

Sushant Kumar
B-Tech IP University
My article in the economic times


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