Tender leaves caught in STORM

It was Spring time and life was on a high ,

I wished I could stop the time ,

As I heard a storm was nearby ,

I was dreaming when I heard a car crash nearby ,

A girl lay on the road as time rushed by .

What I saw next was not a dream,

It was a nightmare of scream,

As people fought and screamed,

I wished I had never dreamed,

The anger storm was right here,

To take away the tender soul from here,

As they never stopped fighting,

The candle stopped lighting,

And the storm blew away the tender leaf,

Filling our hearts with sorrow and grief.

On 20th June 2007 in pune, Megha a class X girl was pedalling to her science tutorial at 6am when a speeding car hit her. Megha bleeded profusely as the bystanders were busy assaulting the driver of the Hyundai Accent which had hit her. She lost two and a half liters of blood during that period and eventually was brought dead at a nearby hospital. The minds of people today are filled with anger. Even at 6 in the morning, they have enough anger that can unfortunately kill the innocent. I hope that this incident does not take place again, but we can be aware of such mindsets and prevent such things from repeating.


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